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Located in the heart of Mt. Adams, The Blind Lemon has been a Cincinnati institution and hidden gem for nearly 60 years. Beneath a glowing sign alerting passerby that ‘the garden is open’ lies a narrow passageway leading down to a sprawling brick courtyard, featuring lush foliage in spring and summer, and an oversized fire pit to cozy up around in fall and winter.  Inside the bar itself, you will find a rare setting of old world comfort, lit by firelight and a kaleidoscope of soft, warm Tiffany lamplight.  The charming underground tavern houses an eclectic collection of old time memorabilia, with the shine of copper, classic car and plane models, and ornately framed paintings and signed photographs delightfully crowding the walls and ceiling, and creating a unique atmosphere in which to enjoy one of our craft cocktails, local beers, or spirit of your choosing. The Lemon (as it is affectionately known by regulars) offers live music seven nights a week, showcasing the best of Cincinnati’s vibrant local music scene, and underscoring a perfect evening out.

Blind Lemon History

The Blind Lemon has been a Cincinnati institution and hidden gem for nearly 60 years.

Our Menu

We offer a variety of delicious food for every customer to eat and enjoy!

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The Blind Lemon
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This place was so amazing! Great atmosphere and my bartender was funny and helpful. I can't wait to go back!!!
Live music and cute vibe. Very cozy and fantastic drinks.
My go to place for many years, the cool of the coolest, 3 generations of my family love the Blind Lemon!
Quaint tiny lil underground bar in the entertainment district of mount adams. Lil outdoor area and a small box for live performers. Best m Margarita in any of the bars in the area.
What a great place! You can't go wrong with any of the food here or any of the drinks! Cool story about how the place came to be and the things that were found after the prohibition era. This is a must visit if you go to Mount Adams.
We love the Blind Lemon. Though seating is a bit tight in the courtyard.The host was rather brusque and didn't seem to have any interest in the niceties of customer service - just interested in getting bums in chairs. Service staff is courteous, but they didn't check in often.Nice drink selection.We enjoy sitting by the fire in the courtyard.
Very chill place
I love this place. The atmosphere is the best I've seen in a long time, and the live music is fantastic. The drinks are a bit pricey, but you get what you pay for. I'd love to try more things on the menu, and I'd definitely recommend this place to a friend.
A little bit of a tight space but it adds to the intimacy!! Our server was amazing and we will definitely be back!
Our server was the *cutest!* and wonderful. The live music was great and the ambiance was amazing. I can't wait to go back!
Small, cool bar with good drinks. Not a restaurant.
This was one of the most interesting bars I’ve been to. It almost gave me like an oldies speakeasy vibe. They had a fireplace both inside and outside and the place felt very intimate and cozy. One of the workers pulled out the chair for me and also helped me get my coat on which felt very high in. Our waitress was very nice and made sure to come back quite a few times to check on us (I don’t personally like when waiters do this, as it makes me feel rushed, but I still wouldn’t change my rating). The live music was cool and they have speakers outside so you could hear if you sit out there. They don’t have prices on the menu which sort of stinks. I thought it would be very expensive because the prices were not shown but my drink (Milky Way) was only $9 ( I wish they would put the prices on the menu. My friend mentioned she would have gotten another if she knew it wasn’t too expensive). Wonderful atmosphere. My drink was also amazing; it was amaretto with hot coco.
Great place for drinks.
Blind Lemon is one of those late night hangout places we have been going to for years now. No food here, but drinks are good. The rustic and old decor of the place is unique and very welcoming. Highly recommend
The blind lemon is such a hidden gem. The drinks are amazing and the location is so cozy. The fireplace is my favorite part. Be prepared to sit close to other patrons when it’s busy, but it’s cozy and friendly.
Eclectic atmosphere, unique decor, cozy surroundings, good music
This place is the soul of Mt Adam's, and I pray that it remains open for generations to come.
They have an interesting selection of winter cocktails, perfect for the cold weather
The waitress was very attentive. Drinks were great and the ambience was great. Highly recommend
Great bar to make friends, the siting is really close to each other and people are so friendly. Great selection of cocktails 🍸. Service is great!
Didn't eat anything but drinks were good. Love the atmosphere. What keeps us going back whenever in town.
Great music with Donna Frost for pre-New Year's Eve! And, Walter is always a gracious host.
Had a lovely little GNO with Sheylyn and Natalie! Perfect fall vibes in their outdoor area with a giant fireplace in the middle keeping everyone warm! I think it would be cute with they put some fuzzy blankets on the spots farther back from the fire, then it would’ve been perfect and we could’ve spent the whole evening out there. All three of us ordered from their hot cocktail menu and they did not disappoint and were priced very well! I’m blanking on the name of the drinks and forgot to take a picture of the menu 😪
Great atmosphere! It's a hidden gem.
A must hit, year round date night spot in Mt Adams from solid cocktails, live music, and awesome atmosphere. Outdoor patio is calm and relaxing and, when weather permits, the band sets up outside. The interior is even better, with a ton of antique charm and Knick knacks scattered on the walls and ceilings. You have to go here to really experience what it’s really like. As far as drinks, the Milky Way (hot drink) and the amaretto whiskey cocktail are our favorites.

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