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Located in the heart of Mt. Adams, The Blind Lemon has been a Cincinnati institution and hidden gem for nearly 60 years. Beneath a glowing sign alerting passerby that ‘the garden is open’ lies a narrow passageway leading down to a sprawling brick courtyard, featuring lush foliage in spring and summer, and an oversized fire pit to cozy up around in fall and winter.  Inside the bar itself, you will find a rare setting of old world comfort, lit by firelight and a kaleidoscope of soft, warm Tiffany lamplight.  The charming underground tavern houses an eclectic collection of old time memorabilia, with the shine of copper, classic car and plane models, and ornately framed paintings and signed photographs delightfully crowding the walls and ceiling, and creating a unique atmosphere in which to enjoy one of our craft cocktails, local beers, or spirit of your choosing. The Lemon (as it is affectionately known by regulars) offers live music six nights a week, showcasing the best of Cincinnati’s vibrant local music scene, and underscoring a perfect evening out.

Eddie Sheppard was hired as a bartender/manager in 1968 and shortly after became owner making changes to both interior and exterior settings developing the charm of an old world cafe with live music nightly. He continued this for the past 50 plus years as the interior is filled with antiques and collectibles and the outdoor garden is beautiful year round including with bonfires when the weather turns cool.

History The Blind Lemon Cincinnati, OH